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Matteo Casadio – Professional Chef – Restaurant Consultant

Restaurant Consultant

Sometimes an external eye can see improvable details that are overlooked, this is why advice from a consultant is useful in many cases.

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Matteo Casadio co-founder of Vizi Foods

“Vizi Foods was developed to fill a need created by the recent lack of availability of qualified chefs. We have seen that the dessert side of most restaurants is often treated as an afterthought, therefore we’ve decided that sweet confection kits will be our primary focus. Our objective is to make it easy for anyone to plate our elements with a “Michelin Star chef” outcome. Ours is a high standard of quality, everything is made in our own kitchen lab.”

Pesce Nudo Blog

Pesce Nudo is Matteo Casadio’s food Blog.

This is a great place to find new recipes and techniques to use for your own creations.


Photography is Matteo’s second profession, occasionally collaborating with sport and gastronomic publications providing images and text